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Remi Bizouard grew up in a small town near Bordeaux in France, an area known for its exceptional wine selection, but not so famous for producing talented FMX riders like him. Even though he got his first bike from his dad at the early age of ten, Bizouard avoided jumps for the first few years and stuck to track racing until he was 16.

Participating in competitions all over the country was never a realistic possibility for the young Frenchman, as MX racing was simply too cost-intensive for his family. Remy only rode the tracks around his hometown and had plenty of time to watch the classic Crusty Demons and Moto XXX movies, which got him infected with the FMX passion. Before getting deep into FMX, Bizouard tried a couple of tricks on his BMX and then carried the techniques over to his dirt bike. Remy is a member of the second generation of FMX riders. Looking up to legends like Mike Metzger, Carey Hart, and Brian Deegan, he was able to create his own style based on what he saw from his idols in the videos. Even though Bizouard was an European living far away from the FMX Mecca in California, he quickly understood that it was within his reach to become a professional FMX rider, if he invested time and hard work into making his dream come true.

Fast forward a few years and Remy has now two FIM World Championship titles and numerous other wins under his belt; he lives a life of a rock-star during the weekends; and he's able to return home regularly to be with his family and young daughter.
After his first appearance in the Madrid's legendary Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas at the Red Bull X-Fighters in 2006, Bizouard returned to the second largest bullfighting ring in the world in 2010. The FMX rider wasn´t able to make it onto the podium in Madrid, but his performance was strong enough to earn him a ticket to the tour finale in Rome. A mishap in practice, which caused a crash with a few minor injuries, did not boost his confidence for the event and Bizouard finished in 6th place on Italian soil.

Unfortunately, Remi did not have a single run on the 2011 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour; however, the BMW M3 driver had a good year, finishing second overall on the 2011 FIM World Championship and winning the 2012 championship. In the past two years, Remi could always get his hans on a wildcard spot. Everyone remember how the Munich crowd was impressed by his spectacular Ruler Flips and style, while the crowd in Dubai missed him during the main show, as he crashed badly during the qualifier. For this upcoming season, let´s see if that, in addition to his good results gained at other contests in 2013, have enough value to open-up opportunities for a wildcard spot in the upcoming Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

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